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Kuda Mapeture: Deaf & Empowered

"When we started Miss Deaf PrideTrust our main goal was to empower young women who are deaf. and to also fight for their rights so that they can stand for their rights because we found that there was constitutional illiteracy, in the deaf community.

So we did many workshops, to try to educate them so that people don’t abuse their rights. From the feedback we had from the workshops, we found out that it was their first time finding out about their rights to education, rights to information, and everything…

Now, if something happens within the community, it's easy for them to identify that they've been abused, and now they are now coming to our office and reporting so many different cases which is a great achievement.

We also set up the first Miss Deaf Pride Zimbabwe Pagent in 2019. It was a national competition, with girls from all four corners of the country. The winning Queen of the competition went to compete at the Miss Deaf Pride Africa in Seychelles and she was awarded the first Princess award which means as Zimbabweans we are doing great things in Africa.

Now she is based in Gweru and empowering other deaf people in her community by doing workshops which is great. We are doing this for the sake of the deaf community because we don't want people to view us as a charity. we want the deaf community to be an empowered community"

To listen & watch the full episode check out the link below:



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