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Ropafadzo Sibusiso Chidawu: Using your skills your mind and your heart


In this podcast, I had the honor of speaking with Ropafadzo Sibusiso Chidawu, Managing Director of Gombe Holdings.

In our conversation, we discussed the challenges of succession in African family businesses. Ropa shared personal experiences and lessons learned in confronting personal and professional issues, embracing new talent and ideas, and providing adequate training for young people in family businesses.

She also touched on the importance of investing in the creative economy and using art as a means of diversifying one's portfolio. As well as the need for a functioning supply chain, a sustainable creative economy, and social responsibility and representation when collecting art. The takeaway from this podcast is the need for open communication and conflict resolution, perseverance and problem-solving skills, and the willingness to push back against those who may hinder progress.

Key Takeaways

  1. Succession in African family businesses can be challenging and requires open communication and conflict resolution.

  2. The convergence of the corporate and creative world is important and investing in the creative economy can be beneficial.

  3. Perseverance, problem-solving skills, and embracing new talent and ideas are key in navigating leadership and succession in family businesses.

  4. Providing adequate training for young people in family businesses is important.

  5. Art can be used as part of a strategy to diversify one's portfolio and social responsibility and representation should be considered when collecting art.

  6. Difficult conversations are necessary for progress and gendered barriers must be pushed against to pave the way for future generations

To listen to the full episode check out the link below:

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