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Virginia Phiri: Being a servant of the people


In this episode, I had the honor of having a conversation with acclaimed writer Virginia Phiri.

In the first part, we discussed how Virginia's upbringing in the Zugali township shaped her aspirations and interests. Despite experiencing personal loss and struggle, Virginia remained curious and creative, harnessing her passion for the arts and literature.

The second part focused on Virginia's career path and the importance of pursuing one's passions and taking risks, even in the face of challenges.

In the third part, we highlighted the role of technology in helping writers share their work and protect their copyrights, emphasizing the need for support and advice from others.

Virginia also discussed her passion for writing and the lack of support for African writers.

Before concluding with the importance of preserving African stories and the need for better support systems for African artists and writers. Overall, Virginia inspired listeners to stay true to their passions and seek support in pursuing their creative endeavors.


  1. One's environment and community can shape a person's aspirations and interests, and experiencing loss or struggle can be transformed into a source of creativity and curiosity.

  2. Staying true to one's interests and passions can lead to a fulfilling career and creative opportunities, but it may require persistence and courage to break through barriers and gain recognition.

  3. Technology has helped writers in terms of sharing their work and protecting their copyrights.

  4. Seeking support and advice from others is important in pursuing one's passions.

  5. There is a lack of support for African writers, and it is necessary to improve the support system for writers in the country.

  6. Documenting and preserving African stories is important for future generations.


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