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Hilton Mudariki: Leaving a rugby legacy

For episode 5, I had the privilege of having a conversation with Hilton Mudariki, the national captain of the Zimbabwe Sables rugby team. We touched on the highs and lows of his journey as an athlete and his current desire to leave a positive legacy for the future of Zimbabwe Rugby.

Our key takeaways from our conversation included:

  • Speaking things into existence

  • The power of exposure

  • Being open to change

  • The merits of hard work

  • Zimbabwean resilience

  • The benefits of surrounding yourself with people that encourage you

To listen & watch the full episode check out the link below:


To support Hilton & The Sables you can find out more below:


Sables Rugby

Below is my favourite excerpt from our conversation:


Hilton: “For me right now the big goal is to help the team qualify for the World Cup. I think we've been starved of playing on the world stage for a very long time. There are so many talented Zimbabweans that have to leave the country to go to greener pastures try and build their names and make the names but I believe that when we go to the World Cup it's going to open so many doors for people in this country it's going to rejuvenate Zimbabwe rugby and I think that is that thing that we need to get guys believing in Zim rugby again. Because let me tell you, there is a lot of talent that has had to go elsewhere to try and make it. But when we get it right, it's definitely going to get a lot more people wanting to be involved in Zimbabwe rugby.

For me, it goes far beyond just the World Cup, it's to build a path for others to want to start the journey that we're on today. It shouldn't just be about 2023, we must be looking beyond that. We want to be playing against the big teams, we want to play against the Argentinas, Australias, the Englands. We want our guys, instead of going to the Sharks Academy, you know, there must be an academy here in Zimbabwe where our guys develop their skills and want to play for Zimbabwe rugby. And that is the legacy that I would like to leave."

Be Inspired!

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