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As it stands, the Zimbabwean narrative is heavily skewed towards the issues we face in our political and economic landscape. Despite the challenges we face as Zimbabweans both at home and abroad, I cannot bring myself to agree with the notion that the existing narrative is the sole representation of who we are as a people.
The problem with the prevailing narrative is not that it is untrue but that it is incomplete. And with the significant imbalance of stories that exist, the more the status quo persists, the higher the chance we will continue to internalise this lopsided narrative.
Given this context, I started Zimbabwean Voices, a podcast that exists to shine light on the stories of Zimbabwean change-makers striving for better days through their deeds and encouraging others to do the same. I hope that their voices serve as a means of inspiration for Zimbabweans at home and abroad to stay connected in supporting the people that are shifting our narrative for the better.

Truly Yours

Dumi Mabhena

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For any inquiries, feedback or support you would like to give to any the guests on the platform you can connect with us at:



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