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Kuda Mangwe: Challenging biases & being invested in everyone else doing better

I had the privilege of speaking with Kuda Mangwe, the host of 'Face the Nation', a tv show on the Zimbabwean Broadcasting Network where issues related to public policy implementation and viewers are given an opportunity to question public office holders. The reason why I thought this conversation would be useful, was to get his reflections on what we need to do as young people to shift the Zimbabwean narrative for the better

In our conversation some of the key takeaways include:

  • Challenging bias & echo-chambers

  • Growing the entertainment industry in Zimbabwe

  • Being inspired to make plans

To listen & watch the full episode check out the link below


To reach out to Kuda you can find him at:

Below I have left my favourite excerpt from our conversation:


Dumi: What does shifting the Zimbabwean narrative mean to you?

Kuda: When everybody's invested in everyone else doing better. I'll give you I'll give you two examples. One is an example, another one is a point. First example is if you want to see what Zimbabweans are like, presently, go to an uncontrolled intersection and just watch. Everyone wants to get home first. But in doing that, you then cause the roadblock. So long as you're not invested in someone else's happiness and saying, you know what? Let's let everyone have fun. We're not going to change.

The second thing is a point. And I want to I want to hear what you think about the statement. I'm speaking to you as a privileged person, so long as your dream or your picture of success in Zimbabwe has a maid and a gardener in it, then that means that your dream still requires someone else to be mediocre.

If that is still your dream, hausati wa right. Not a person who has a house cleaning service, not a person who has a gardening business where they have several clients in the Borrowdale area. We're still going to need those services. But if they are coming from a perspective of someone who doesn't have an education doesn't have choices, they're going to have to actually become a domestic worker. If your dream still has someone with that profile you're part of the problem.

Be Inspired!

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2 comentários

Tanaka N. Matope
Tanaka N. Matope
14 de set. de 2021

Being in the diaspora - I was actually wondering where Kuda went after POV! Good to know he is well, thanks for the really enlightening conversation. Sad how Zim has become so divided, the second you celebrate small wins you're automatically affiliated with a party and the second you don't it is vice versa. Good to hear a balanced from the ground perspective.

Dumi Mabhena
Dumi Mabhena
14 de set. de 2021
Respondendo a

Glad you to hear you enjoyed the conversation Tanaka! Hopefully it plants a seed for the listeners (especially those in the diaspora) to stay connected to the development of home.

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