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King Kandoro: Paving a way in stand up comedy

For episode 3 of Season 2, I had the honour of speaking with Mukudzei “King Kandoro” A Zimbabwean standup comedian.

In our conversation, we covered his journey to date, his career aspirations, and his desired future for the Zimbabwean arts community & comedy scene.


My favourite excerpt from our conversation:

“Art in Zimbabwe for the most part is being treated as a thing that is only available to people that go to private schools. Imagine treating fine art as a thing that is only available to private schools?

So from a structural perspective, open up community centers. These centers are already there but right now most of them are local bars. So open up community centers, let people play sports, and let people have art classes. If it's music, percussion.

There are these separations in art. Why is marimba an instrument that is played mainly in the ghetto but guitars, cellos, and violins up north?”


To listen & watch the full episode check out the link below


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