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Farai Mudariki: Learning to be present

For the final episode of Season 1, I had the privilege of talking to Zimbabwean athlete Farai Mudariki. Currently playing his rugby in France we spoke of his journey to where is now and the lesson he has picked up on the way.

In our conversation some of the key takeaways include:

  • Meditation & being present in each moment

  • The importance of representation

  • Use reference points to help guide you

  • Helping others find their inner greatness

My favorite excerpt from our conversation


"This is this duty I have, as a Zimbabwean athlete, I'm not only playing to earn a decent amount of money. I'm a representation of a life you can build for yourself.

I actually went to visit St. John's prep when I was back home recently and I went to speak to the kids. And these guys were in grade seven, some of them were in grade five. Initially, I was speaking to them thinking they may not be listening to me but I was shocked at the quality of the questions they were asked afterward.

Questions like sorry, sir. Can you tell me if I wanted to play professional rugby can I build a life for myself and send my kid to school? And the feedback that I got from Mr. Mbundire and Welly who are the coaches, was that the talk was so good we need to do that again but at assembly, because these kids were phoning their parents telling them that “we had Farai who is a professional rugby player who came to speak to us today he gave us the rugby jersey. He was sitting here a couple of years ago. Mr. Mbundire was his coach and if Mr. Mbundire is my coach now, maybe I can also do the same thing.

So I have a huge role to play in the sense of representation."

Be Inspired!

To reach out to Farai you can find him on:

To listen & watch the full episode check out the link below


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