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Blessing Chinanga: Fixing the Zimbabwean Film Industry

For the first episode of Season 2, I had the honour of speaking with Blessing Chinanga, filmmaker and co-founder of Invision Studios. In this episode, we covered his life story and career trajectory to date. Most importantly though we touched on the collective thinking needed to fix the Zimbabwean Film Industry.

My favourite excerpt from our conversation: _____________________________________________

"How this industry is supposed to be structured, is that it's supposed to be structured in four pillars.

  • You've got the first pillar which is your crew, directors, actors. etc.

  • Then you've got the ministry, the Ministry of Arts and Culture, they play a major role in all this, because they dictate policy. They dictate the conversation and they stimulate conversations with other countries that could lead to investment flow.

  • The third pillar is societies or organizations like your National Arts Council, National Art Gallery, etc.

  • Then you've got the commercial side which is the private sector. Banks, companies, private investors, etc

What needs to happen is these four pillars need to understand that there is capital here with the asset-base of the Zimbabwean story. The Zimbabwean story is an asset in itself. We have so many stories and we need to see those stories as assets."


To reach out to Blessing you can find him on:

To listen & watch the full episode check out the link below


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